Thursday, February 18, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 153

Back to modern pens we go with a new addition to Jerred's ever-growing Delta fountain pen collection!

Jerred: "This is a Delta 'Anni Settanta', a model that was produced in their final few years as a manufacturer.  From what I understand, 'Anni Settanta' translates roughly to '70s' or 'The 70s'.  The apparent intention was to release a small collection of pens that invoked 70s designs and colourways.  The 'Anni Settanta' collection are all acrylic pens in light pastel colours with clear plastic finials without logos.  
The model here is listed as the 'Mini" fountain pen in the line, and comes in a light violet colourway that's otherwise quite rare in Delta's collection.  I've really no idea how this is supposed to invoke the 1970's design ethos, but Delta's designs have always been just a little bit on the weird side.  I am unsure if there is a larger version fountain pen in this line, as information is hard to come by."
(Update: a couple of months after this review of the "Mini" version was posted, Jerred acquired the larger version of this fountain
pen, and we featured it here on our blog!)
(photo courtesy of Jerred ~ please click on image to enlarge) 
Jerred: "The nib is Delta's fairly standard #5.5 sized, stainless steel nib.  While unspectacular, it's a reliable, if slightly dry writer.  Since a couple of people have asked about the sizing I'll note it here:  Delta used a nib that was physically larger than the #5 sized nibs you commonly see from Bock or Jowo.  However, it's smaller than a standard #6 nib and still uses a 5mm feed.  Because of this, I just tend to call them #5.5 nibs."

Many thanks to Jerred for sharing his latest addition with us!

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