Friday, February 26, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 157

A few days ago, Andy (one of our newer members) emailed me and asked if he could share one of his newest acquisitions with us." I said "Sure!", so here is Andy's write-up (in his own words) accompanied by some photos he snapped:

Greetings fellow Pen Pals,

I had some time this evening and was in the mood for some pen talk and photo taking.

The oh-so popular Kaweco line of Sport pens is my go-to pocket pen for everyday carry. I just happen to be carrying this in my pants pocket the past few weeks...the AC Sport Black Carbon Fiber.
Short and compact when capped. And a glorious 5" when posted.

(all photos courtesy of Andy ~ please click on images to enlarge) 



 I have a fair number of AL Sports but this one is my only AC Sport.

I think the carbon fiber looks sharp with subtle contrast against the black anodized aluminum body and cap.
I've tried all the nibs sizes and I find the "fine" nib is always consistent in flow and line width.
You'll see more of this acrylic wood grain pattern PenBBS pen holder in my future posts as it serves as a nice way of positioning the pen for those good photos.

I had some scrap sheets of upholstery leather and decided to make myself a sheath for my Kaweco's.
Not bad for some scrap leather kicking around.

It's been fun getting this together. A quick one but nevertheless worth sharing with you all. Till next time. Take care and I'll see you at the next Zoom meeting.



Though it looks like a modern pocket fountain pen, the Kaweco 'Sport' was launched back in 1935! For more information on the 'Sport' line of writing instruments, check out Jet Pens' excellent article "Kaweco Sport: A Comprehensive Guide"

Many thanks to Andy for his review and the great photos!

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