Monday, February 8, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 148

Today's featured new acquisitions are courtesy of longtime Vancouver Pen Club member Graham, who recently bought two new Cross pens from Amazon. Since some folks like to shop for pens vicariously, I thought we'd let Graham tell the whole story...
Graham: "Having sold a pen I promptly went out and bought a couple more, a Sheaffer Targa 1005 (the lined gold pattern) and a platinum plated Cross Townsend (Amazon also seems to have both the platinum plated and the 10K rolled gold, both of which have 18K nibs, for weirdly low prices, ~$190 and ~$210 respectively, though only in F. I got the platinum because a. it was a little cheaper and b. it has the two-tone 18K nib which I think is a nice design)."

Graham (a bit later): "The platinum one shot up almost $400 right after I bought it so I got worried and bought a 10K one too, haha."

The first pen makes a brief appearance...

Graham: "So I received what was supposed to be my platinum plated Townsend with 18K nib... but I got a Lustrous Chrome Townsend with a steel nib. I am _very_ curious if someone was just hoping no one would notice. I noticed. :P So, they're sending me yet another replacement pen. I'm dying to see what I get in the Townsend 10K box!"

(all photos courtesy of Graham ~ please click on images to enlarge)

The Townsend '10K' arrives...

Graham: "They _did_ manage to send me the 10K first try. It's nice. Quite a bit broader with the 18K F nib than the steel F nib (on the Townsend green PVD pen) as you can see in the writing sample above, and while not what I'd call flexible, definitely noticeably softer."

The Townsend 'Platinum' shows up (finally)...

Graham: "They managed to send me the correct platinum Townsend this time! 4 for 4 on good nibs, too..."

As Graham noted above, the Townsend's 18K nib was broader than expected. It turns out it's the same 18K nib that Pelikan uses in their own pens (source). Mystery solved! Many thanks to Graham for sharing these beautiful new pens with us :)

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