Tuesday, March 30, 2021

National Pencil Day ~ March 30th!

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In honour of National Pencil Day , I thought I'd post a quick shot of the newest additions to my Blackwing collection --four Blackwing 'Volume 6' wooden pencils and a gold-tone Blackwing Point Guard (a metal protector for sharpened pencils). The pencils were recently purchased from Nikaido (which sells Blackwing pencils individually -- very handy if you don't want to buy a whole box of 12), and the pencil protector was bought on clearance from Chapters/Indigo. 

Every Blackwing pencil from their 'Volumes' series has a little story behind its graphics. The Volume No. 6 pencil, for example, celebrates small businesses such as Nikaido...

(from their official website)

"In 1912, French engineer Georges Claude installed the world’s first neon sign above a barbershop in Paris. His vibrant, tubular lights soon adorned the storefronts of small businesses around the world and symbolized the entrepreneurial drive that formed the backbone of their communities. Today, the spirit of “Main Street” is more resilient than ever. It can be found in urban cities and rural towns, bookstores and coffee shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It’s one of the many things that make our homes feel special. And it’s worth preserving.

The Blackwing 6 celebrates independent businesses and their entrepreneurial spirit. Each set comes with six neon red and six neon blue pencils inspired by the iconic neon “Open” sign."

~Photo & write-up by Maja

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