Sunday, April 25, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 186

Though known for their colourful writing instruments and imaginative designs, Delta's earliest offerings were decidely plainer in appearance. Here's one of those early fountain pens, a recent addition to Jerred's Delta pen collection....

(all photos courtesy of Jerred ~ please click on images to enlarge) 

Jerred: "This Delta pen is a bit of an odd duck. I've mentioned previously that Delta rebranded pens from other makers early on in their career as a brand, and this is one of those pens."


"I'm not sure of the actual maker as it has no markings on the body besides the Delta name engraving. For all the world it looks like a wooden kit pen, with a wooden cap, wooden body, dark gunmetal plated trim, and a plastic section. I've not been able to ascertain the wood used in the manufacture as I've only seen it listed as "burl wood", which does not pertain to any one type of tree."


"The section and nib are also a little bit odd, as the section is plastic, with gold trim and a two-tone gold plated IPG nib. As I said already, it looks more like a "kit" pen than anything from a major manufacturer. The nib is pretty generic, and wasn't very good.

All that being said, I'm quite sure that this is an authentic Delta fountain pen, and even more, I think the strange configuration in which it is shown here may be original as well. I've seen this specific model listed for sale a number of times, and in the same configuration (wood body, gunmetal trim, plastic feed with gold trim, two-tone nib). As always, finding information on these very early Delta pens is extremely difficult." 

Love that wood, whatever it is :) Many thanks to Jerred for sharing another one of his Delta finds with us!

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