Thursday, June 24, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 214

This next write-up is courtesy of our newest member, Anthony, who recently acquired a beautiful Pelikan fountain pen...

(photos courtesy of Anthony ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Anthony: "This is the Pelikan Celebry P570, launched in 1997. While most pens offered by Pelikan use a built-in filling system, the “P” in “P570” means “patrone,” German for “cartridge.” I found my pen at Peyton Street Pens in Santa Cruz, California. The price was $110 usd, a reasonable for this pen in near mint condition with original box. When I received it and examined it, I was pleased to find that it was difficult to tell that it wasn’t new. There was a small amount of ink residue in the feed which I flushed out with the aid of a "pear" bulb and flushing cartridge (A flushing cartridge is an empty cartridge that has no seal at the end opposite the feed, it’s open at both ends to allow it to be used as an aid when flushing the feed with a pear bulb. That way you don’t push the bulb up against the delicate feed opening. Some penmakers ship their new pens with a flushing cartridge installed, and an ink cartridge in the barrel."


"I used a Schmidt K5 converter and loaded the pen with vintage – and discontinued Sheaffer Skrip Peacock Blue, one of the shades of turquoise I really like. I came across a blog discussion with Teri Morris, the owner of Peyton Street Pens where she mentioned unearthing a stash of vintage Sheaffer Peacock Blue cartridges. Cheekily, I asked her to send me some along with the pen. She readily obliged – I like the generosity of sellers that add treats into pen packages. Always a pleasant surprise, even if it’s just two Jolly Ranchers candies – my favorite is Watermellon flavor by the way! The pen is a joy to write with for several reasons: the weight and solidity of the brass from which it’s made – it balances perfectly in my hand (I don’t post), the wonderfully smooth Pelikan steel F nib, the bright turquoise ink in the pen, and the medium-wet flow. Not yet sure if the flow is an attribute of the feed design, or the ink. The nib is a “western” fine, an F leaning very slightly to M. Most of my other “fine” nibs are a tad narrower. But then, most of my other pens are Rotrings :.)"

"The Celebry was made until 2005, so locating new-old-stock is not difficult, finding mint in box at a reasonable price requires patience. The Celebry was available with nib widths EF, F, M, B, and OB. Celebry colours were Coral Red, Cobalt Blue, Fern Green, and Terra Black. The previous incarnation of the type was known as the New Classic, and only offered with gold-plate trim, less attractive to me, it had a narrower straighter barrel, in line with the other minimalist designs of the period (Rotring Esprit for example)."



                                                                         Rotring Esprit

Our congratulations to Anthony on his new fountain pen, and our thanks to him for the review!

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