Monday, July 12, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 223

Last year, we mentioned how pens with rose gold trim appeared to be trending. Another popular trend is the all-black fountain pen, often referred to as a "stealth" fountain pen. Today, we're featuring one of them on this blog, namely Lawrence's handsome Visconti 'Michelangelo'...

 (all photos courtesy of Lawrence ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Lawrence: "This Michelangelo was one of my first "all black" pens. I went through a phase where I collected a whole bunch of black or dark coloured pens. I have a few red / burgundy inks that I have been waiting to try a pen with (e.g. Diamine Syrah) and so black pens are perfect for this." 

"This pen had a magnetic cap with the Visconti logo on it, I believe it comes off and you can customize it ("my pen" system or some gimmicky thing like that...not my thing really as it's fine the way it is)."

"The clip has spring function on it and it seems Visconti has a similar look to all their pen clips. It's supposedly an homage to a famous bridge in Florence (???)." [Ed. note--Yes, the Ponte Vecchio :]

"The nib is black coated and writes very nice. It's a fine point but it writes like a medium...which is unusual for a Visconti. Apparently Visconti nibs are not very consistent so maybe I got an odd one. Regardless it writes well and does not skip. It is on the dry side of things, but it improved with wetter inks like Pilot and, in this case, I used the Ferris Wheel Tanzanite Sky (I did it to test the ink out, but this pen will eventually be inked with Syrah)."

"I like that fact it is decidedly "not flashy" being all black. Very stealth in a way. My other black pens have flashy parts, but this one is all black. The nib finish is durable enough (I have an MB pen with this finish and it flaked off...). It's not a regular member of my "grail pen posse" but it does get used ever so often. It's quite reliable." 

Our thanks to Lawrence for sharing another of his pen-related acquisitions with us on our club's blog!

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