Saturday, July 24, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 229

Today we're featuring this beautiful Parker Sonnet Accession SE Fountain Pen recently acquired by honourary VPC member Glenn G. from Australia...

Glenn: "The Sonnet was introduced in 1994 as the replacement for the iconic Parker 75; as such, it was, intended to be a ‘classic’ Parker, timeless and well-proportioned, with a generously sized nib and excellent writing performance. 18 designs were introduced, ranging from premium to budget models, differentiated by 4 different nib styles, ranging from two-tone 18K solid gold highlighted with rhodium plating, through engraved 18K solid gold, 23K gold plated stainless steel to plain stainless steel. In 2003 the Sonnet line was reduced to 12 models and got a face-lift in the form of a flatter clip screw and a broad cap band."

"The Sonnet is arguably a worthy successor to the Parker "75", even though some have been found to have problems with the ink feed and drying out if left uncapped for a while, mostly pens with the F & EF nibs. This issue has given Sonnets a bad reputation among collectors and a common joke to the effect of “if your Sonnet always starts without a problem, it’s probably a Chinese counterfeit.” Indeed, there are many counterfeit pens in circulation, which of itself attests to the popularity of the model… there’s little point copying one that isn’t going to sell."

(photos courtesy of Glenn ~ please click on images to enlarge) 

"Despite its fancy engraving with a crown and E II R, the gold plated nib (M only) clearly puts this 2002 Special Edition of the Sonnet in the 3rd of the 4 tiers, which surprised me; I thought a solid 14k nib would have been more appropriate to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee. I haven’t used it yet, but I have read that the nib is smooth and a bit springy."

"There is no date code, but the satin finish cap is imprinted with “Accession The Queen’s Golden Jubilee”, and that most definitely was in 2002. The barrel & section are finished in Royal Purple lacquer, and the cap has a purple jewel. This shade is very dark, and needs to be viewed in good light to appreciate its true colour; in low light it is easily mistaken for black."

"Personally speaking, it’s an attractive pen and I’m delighted to have got it after quite a wait and a lot of looking. Conversely, I am not a fan of most more recent Parkers, Sonnets included; their patterns are just not to my taste… the term ‘overblown’ comes to mind for many. Consequently, this particular Sonnet, #34 in my collection, is likely to be my last… unless, of course, an especially nice and affordable ‘vintage’ one turns up

Glenn - congratulations on the latest addition to your wonderful Parker 'Sonnet' collection, and many thanks for sharing it with us!  

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