Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 220

A few days ago, longtime Vancouver Pen Club member Christopher asked me if I could post these photos, along with his write-up, to "...pay tribute to the chap that was the catalyst regarding my interest in this pen collecting hobby." I said "Of course!", so without further ado...

Christopher: "There is little if any tribute to a great and dear late friend of mine, Mr. David Howes. For those of us who knew him, it was all about his love and collection of the Parker 51. In fact, if you visited his home on Point Grey Road and were lucky enough to see his huge collection of Parker 51 pens covering most of one wall of his basement, it would stop you in your tracks with amazement. David definitely had other vintage pens, but the 51 was by far his most favourite." 

(photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Christopher: "I met David in early 1980 when he was called upon to incorporate my company and in turn become my company’s accountant and controller. And right from the get go, I noticed that he carried a full complement of Parker fountain pens in his breast pocket. In the years that followed, I often visited him at his house where he would show me this pen and that as his great scores of the day. On one such visit he brought out an ‘Old Store Stock’ first year 51 set in its original box and assured me that it never had been used. So, as a tribute to David, I decided to select some of my favourite Parker 51 vintage pens and in inking them up use them in my pen round up for the week up and coming. Needless to say I am sure he would most definitely approve."

Christopher: "Thank you David for this wonderful pen collecting hobby."

And thank you, Christopher, for sharing your memories of your late pen mentor (and a photo of the classic vintage pen model he loved so much :)

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