Sunday, August 15, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 240

Continuing on with more of Christopher's recently-acquired vintage treasures (which, interestingly, all feature different filling mechanisms--syringe-filling, Touchdown-filling and Vacumatic)...

(all photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Christopher: "Over the years, I have had a good number of syringe filler pens and just as many from the late 1930s. But, for some reason, they are challenging to service. So to get one in almost mint working condition was truly a good score. The Federal 1283 is an early war period pen which could have possibly been a sub brand of the Travelers Pen company. The clear plastic barrel is often amber yellow and the syringe rod jet black, as is the grip section. Although the nib is gold plated, I found this pen to be an excellent writer and the mottled greyed blue and pearl finish on the long blind cap and cap is really something to write home about. To finish, the cap has a long steel Federal branded clip and matching steel cap band. OK, maybe a third-tier pen, but a pen well worth considering."

"Since I seem to be more taken with the Sterling these days, I should report picking up a fine Sheaffer Sterling banded, crisscross overall barrel and cap etched design fountain and it was once again a must have. This pen is a Sheaffer Touchdown with a beautiful inlaid 14K gold nib. The section is black and the clip, with a white dot Sheaffer warranty appointment, is 14K gold filled. The model is definitely from the Sheaffer Imperial line and its Touchdown filler is in perfect working condition. Although this pen dates Circa 1969, thinking back I vividly remember visiting the Woodard’s pen counter with my Mum in 1959 at the newly opened Oakridge shopping Mall where we selected and purchased a super Sheaffer Imperial fountain pen in a rich Burgundy finish for her - a pen I have in my own collection to this day."

"It is always nice as a vintage pen collector to pick up a pen that is not only attractive in its finish but functional in its design. Considering the Parker 51 was the workhorse of its entire original existence and the pen of choice for so many, it is wonderful to come across an early example in such a lovely colour as Parker’s ‘Dove Grey’. The exquisite cap is complemented with an empire sterling silver banding and finished with a solid 14K gold blue diamond warranty appointed Parker arrow clip. The hooded nib is also solid 14K gold and being an early example, this 51 has a Vacumatic filler. The condition is outstanding and in inking this pen I was very surprised and pleased to find that it was in good working condition. This Parker 51 hails from 1943 but a few years from the Parker 51’s introduction." 

Many thanks to Christopher, as always, for contributing to our online "show & tell" with his latest cool vintage finds!

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