Thursday, August 5, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 235

From one Parker 'Duofold' tribute to another! Meet my new Jinhao '100' (or Jinhao 'Centennial') fountain pen from one of my favourite eBayers--"esybuy":

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The Jinhao '100' model (aka the Jinhao 'Centennial') came out in late 2019. It was predated by a Jinhao model called the Jinhao 'Century'/Jinhao 'Celluloid' (which wasn't made of celluloid!) of similar appearance, but with a clip adornment and different cap ring.

With its black cap top, black barrel end, and overall shape, the '100' was obviously modeled after the iconic Parker 'Duofold'. Interestingly, the clip design of the Jinhao '100' is an homage to the straight, ball-ended clip on the venerable vintage Duofold, whereas its cap band is similar to the one on the 'Duofold' "Classic" and 'Duofold' "Prestige" models which came out in 2016.

(Data from eBay/etsy seller "esybuy")
Material: Resin
Cap: Screw Type
Capped length: 138 mm
Diameter: 13.5 mm
Weight: 27.5 g

At 13.8 cm capped, the Jinhao '100'/'Centennial' is almost exactly the same length as its modern namesake, the Parker Duofold "Centennial" (which came out in 1987). The cap on my Jinhao posts securely, but at 17.3 cm (6.8 inches) posted length, I find the pen a bit too long to use that way. From nib tip to barrel end, however, it's around 12.4cm (4.9 inches) and nicely-balanced, which makes it perfect for my hand. The pen takes cartridges or a converter (supplied with the pen, in my case).

The #6 size Jinhao-branded two-tone "18KGP" (18 karat gold-plated steel) nib is unmarked but was advertised as being a "Medium 0.7mm" nib. Truthfully, it writes a bit more like a Western Fine, and it doesn't have as large a "sweet spot" as some other Fine nibs (made for/by other pen brands) I own. The other nib sizes for the Jinhao '100' are "Fine 0.5mm" and "Bent Nib 1.0-1.2 mm". I haven't tried to remove the nib on mine, but apparently, they can be removed and replaced with some other #6 size nibs.

All in all, my "Medium" is a smooth-writing, but not particularly exciting nib; maybe I prefer nibs with a tiny bit of tactile feedback, I don't know.... I do know that if you're looking for a nib that has any flex or line variation, you're not going to find it here!

The cap top sports the same Jinhao chariot logo that's embossed on the nib and clip, but the logo on the cap finial is done in relief. Interestingly, the pen's cap band doesn't have the model number on it, just the company name "Jinhao" in all-caps...

(Above) A quick shot of the same pen but in different lighting (actually, it was taken only a couple of minutes after the other photos). The photo makes the resin look yellow, but it's actually the lovely orange shade you see in my other photos (the material also has a lovely depth to it, which my photos, sadly, fail to capture). 

The Jinhao '100' comes in a large variety of colours (both marbled and solid) and is widely available online. At $18.61 USD shipped (what I paid for mine), I think it's a good value if you want an attractive, reliable writer that looks more expensive than it really is.

~ Photos & review by Maja ~

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