Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 255

As promised, here is the last of the three Italian-made fountain pens recently acquired by VPCer Jessica---a lovely Delta 'Nautilus', which Jessica describes as being made of "...ivory resin with a silver barrel plated with gold vermeil." 

(all photos courtesy of Jessica ~ please click on images to enlarge)

YAFA--the former distributor of Delta writing instruments in North America--described the model thusly on their website: "The history of every sea is hidden in the lives of its creatures. A collection of writing instruments dedicated to the seas of the world, Jules Verne and its submarine, the Nautilus. The Nautilus is made of special resin hand turned from a solid bar of material. The body is covered with a sleeve in silver 925 ‰ (note: that's 92.5% pure silver), with an engraving simulating ocean waves."

The 'Nautilus' writing instruments (fountain pens and rollerballs) were available with vermeil (a thin gold layer over sterling silver) trim or silver plated trim--depending on the model--and came in four colours  - Blue, Red, Ivory and Black.

(the cap finial with a stylized letter "D", also seen on the pen's nib)

(the barrel's engraved lines which mimic ocean waves...)

(the Medium 18K gold nib -- engraved with the same stylized “D” seen on the cap finial-- and its heart-shaped breather hole)

Since she sent in the photos for our pen club's blog, Jessica had some nibwork done on the 'Nautilus' (the work was done by fellow VPC member Jerred). In her update, Jessica writes: "I met up with Jerred earlier today. He adjusted the nib on the Delta for me so now it writes like a super nice medium for me! I feel like it was more of a western fine or Japanese MF before. So happy!" 😆
I love a happy ending...don't you? :) Our thanks to Jessica for sharing her gorgeous new acquisition with us!

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