Saturday, September 18, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 257

The fountain pen featured in today's post should look familiar; it's an iconic model made by the Parker Pen Company that first appeared in 1994 and is still in production today. We're talking about the the famous Parker 'Sonnet', of course. Jerred acquired one recently, and was kind enough to share his photos and thoughts on it:

Jerred writes: "This is a stainless steel version of the classic Parker Sonnet, in gold trim (GT). The Sonnet is a long-running model in Parker's lineup, and it's in the lower-midrange price of pens. Sonnets are fairly common, and it's a good-looking pen that tends to fit a lot of peoples' hands quite well."

(photos courtesy of Jerred ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"Unfortunately, this also means that there are a number of fake Sonnet pens on the market. When comparing to a modern Parker Sonnet, two things should be checked:

1. Modern Sonnets come with Parker's smaller, push-pull converter rather than a piston converter.
2. The feed on a original Sonnet will have the nib grade stamped on the bottom surrounded by a circle, and the feed should have a somewhat matte finish. This is because Parker uses acid-etched plastic feeds, a technique done to improve ink flow."

"The nib on this pen was not very good, unfortunately. The tines were properly spaced, but the tipping was poorly polished and gave excessive feedback out of the box. I have seen a number of Sonnet pens with less-than-ideal nibs."

Our thanks to Jerred for the review, photos and tips on how to avoid 'Sonnet' copies!

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