Thursday, October 14, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 270

Today's featured newest acquisition belongs to Andy, and it's a fountain pen that many consider the flagship model for a very well-known German pen company...

(all photos courtesy of Andy ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"Hey pen friends...I’ve been unseen for a few meetings but pen activity at the Wong household has been consistent.

Here’s one from the industry de latest (BMW) break my wallet acquisition...ouch!!!

But it’s so nice though.

Straight from the wonderful folks at Cult Pens...I snagged an incredible deal for one of those delightful bird pens!"

The Pelikan M800

"The pen is a fantastic modern day titan!

An envy of all piston fillers.

Fancy packaging as usual with most Pelikan products.

I’m impartial to boxes/packaging and such.

If a pen comes in a presentation such as this...bonus.

If it comes in a paper bag with bubble wrap...that is even better...I can always reuse a bag and bubble wrap."

The Pelikan M800

"Green Stripe with Gold Trim is recognized as the most iconic color combination associated with the Pelikan line of fountain pens."

The Pelikan M800

"So motherly is this symbolic logo on the top finial."

The Pelikan M800

"A nice close up look at the celluloid stripes, blind cap for the piston mechanism."

The Pelikan M800

"I opted for the “extra fine” nib as reputation for Pelikan’s are known for being on the wetter and broader side.

This is a lovely patterned 18k gold nib. The duo tone really makes me smile."

The Pelikan M800

"Here is a writing sample with J. Herbin Lie De Thé.

My normal printing size is about 2mm and this was a bit of a challenge to maintain legibility.

With minimal adjustment of pen pressure while writing, it is quite a nice writer after all."

"As I mentioned at the start, I couldn’t resist the deal Cult Pens had at the time of purchase.

I used a popular YouTube (Penultimatedave) fountain pen reviewer’s discount code...thank you Dave!!!

*** Use Promo Code PENULTIMATE10 for 10% off your order at Cult Pens ***

And Cult Pens was including free of charge any color Edelstein Ink with any Pelikan pen purchase....rock on OLIVINE!!!

This was exciting...The Pelikan M800



Our thanks to Andy for another great review! If you're interested in the history of this modern classic, there's an excellent in-depth article about it here on 'The Pelikan's Perch' Pelikan fansite :)

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