Thursday, October 28, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 277

VPCer Stuart paid another visit to the Vancouver Pen Shop (whose annual sale has been extended--see end of blog post) recently and came back with some very cool items---a beautiful fountain pen made by the Narwhal pen company, and a very special "special edition" ink made for his favourite pen store :)

(all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Stuart: "I picked up the Narwhal Key West Key Largo yesterday, and a bottle of the exclusive anniversary ink made for the Vancouver Pen Shop by Robert Oster. Together they offer a striking contrast!"

"The pen’s gorgeous, with its vivid blue colour and prominent sparkles, giving it a starry night sky look which is very beautiful"

"The Medium steel nib is smooth, very nice to write with. The acrylic material of the pen is very slick, making it a little slippery in the hand, but the metal thread section helps with the grip. The cap does not post on the end of the barrel."

"It comes in a very cool box, as can be seen, with the pen inside a black vinyl case embossed with the Narwhal name, and having a snap closure - very nice packaging, especially at the price!"

"The ink is a surprise - a light cocoa colour with hints of green. It shades nicely, with good flow. The only other ink like it is MB’s Swan Illusion Plume. It’s a subtle and sophisticated ink, it catches the eye and is very chic. And it’s only at Van Pen!"

Congratulations to the Vancouver Pen Shop on their exclusive Robert Oster ink, made for their store's 35th anniversary! Due to shipments of product being slow to arrive, the Vancouver Pen Shop's annual anniversary sale (featured in this blog post) has been extended until after Remembrance Day, November 11th (per their FB post), so if you're looking for some good deals, check them out!

Robert Oster inks also celebrated an anniversary recently--their 5th! Their inks are proudly made in Australia and have become hugely popular since they came out in 2016. Narwhal Pens are even younger--they released their first products in 2019. They're an American company (I just found that out a few days ago) whose pens are produced in China. 

This is actually Stuart's third Narwhal fountain pen--his 'Original' and 'Schuykill' models (released in 2019 and 2020, respectively) were both reviewed earlier on our blog. Whereas those two are piston-fillers, the 'Key West' model (featured in today's blog post) is Narwhal's first cartridge/converter-filling fountain pen (all three pens, however, are in the sub-$75 CAD category). Both the Vancouver Pen Shop and Charals pen & gift store (also in downtown Vancouver) carry Narwhal writing instruments.

Stuart--thanks so much for the photos and reviews...and thank you to everyone in our club who' has contributed to our little virtual "show & tell" since we started it eighteen months ago :)


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