Friday, October 8, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 267

Today we're featuring a very short fountain pen with a very long history (link to excellent Kaweco 'Sport' history document), an immensely popular pocket pen made by the German company Kaweco. It comes in many colourful plastics, but this particular example is metal-bodied and it's owned by Lawrence, who sent in this write-up and photos for our blog:  

(all photos courtesy of Lawrence ~ please click on images to enlarge) 

Lawrence: "This is one of my admittedly non-grail-posse pens. It's the Kaweco Sport Brass and my one and only Kaweco pen."

"It looks beautiful and very compact. It's one of those pens that I do need to post when writing or it will be too short:"

"It's a bit heavy but I don't really mind it. I don't really write with this pen for extended periods (unlike my grail posse) so I can't say very much about how comfortable it will be for long writing periods. Also, just to add to the novelty even more, I got a 1.5 stub. It's actually my first stub-nibbed pen. I like this quasi-"formal" writing feel to the stub and this pen got me interested in them (I have since then gotten a few stub nibs because of this pen). This Kaweco sport comes in a more or less complete range of nibs from ef to stubs, and there are gold nibs available also (18k, I think). This one is stainless steel and has the usual Kaweco nib design."

"Because of its size, it takes smaller cartridges. I think cartridges are the way to go for this pen. I assume that this pen is meant as a "travel pen" of some sort. I did end up getting a small converter for it; it comes it two forms: a squeeze / dropper type and a conventional type. I got the conventional type:"

"It is not a twist but a pull up type (similar to some of the Parker ones):"

"However after using it, I would say that the converters are not the most practical. They are too small to fiddle around with and of course they don't hold too much ink. It would be better to use a cartridge (and maybe fill up that cartridge manually or something).

This Kaweco Sport line comes in all sorts of colours and materials. It's a good size to bring around and easy to store. They sell the pen clip and a pen sleeve separately, which I may consider getting eventually.

The pen writes well, the nib glides smoothly (but then it's a stub so it's not scratchy). However it sometimes burps and creates ink puddles on paper (the only pen that did that for me is a TWSBI that I own), perhaps because the nib is easily switchable, I may have accidentally loosened it up while writing. Being small and of the 1.5 stub, I don't really use this pen too much, but it is quite nice to look at. I may eventually switch the nib to an 18k fine or extra fine.

That's it from me. I'm not too familiar with the Kaweco brand so I don't have much to compare to and it's not fair to make judgements on a pen that I got mainly to "look at" LOL. But once I switch to a finer nib, maybe I will use it more."

Many thanks for the nice write-ups & pics, Lawrence! The Kaweco 'Sport' is a great fountain pen :)
For more info on the current Kaweco 'Sport' lineup, check out this JetPens' article -
Kaweco Sport: A Comprehensive Guide

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