Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 285 (part 3 of 4)

(Part 1 and Part 2 of Lawrence's review of his new Graf von Faber-Castell 'Pen of the Year 2008' covered the unboxing of the fountain pen, the elaborate packaging it came in, and Lawrence's first impressions. Now, here in part 3, Lawrence shares his thoughts on the rest of the pen, and an accessory he bought specially for it...)

Lawrence: "Okay, now a close up of the nib: "

"We can see the coat of arms for Graf von again here. The nib is fairly smooth, but not "magical" like my MB Daniel Defoe. It does not skip, but writes stiffly and kind of on the dry side. I got a medium nib (it comes in F, M, B), but it writes like a Fine. I guess I should have gotten the B nib instead but, oh well, it is still nice. 

We see that darker strip of transparent dark blue window for the ink. I don't like it as much, to be honest, as it ruins the flow of the piece. We are talking metal, wood, metal...interrupted by a utilitarian plastic ink window..then metal, and then the nib. They could have a more elegant solution to this, perhaps by making an ink window as part of the metal section....but it's a tiny pet peeve..the rest of the pen is awesome. I do find myself using the ink window because it's there and it is useful, but if I have a choice, I can certainly live without it. My pens, the demonstrators aside, have no ink windows and I survived just fine.

Because of the impractical box, I decided that I would get a pen case for it. And the pen case comes, of course, in a fancy box with a drawstring bag (like seriously WTF excuse my typing....):"

"The pen case is black leather (I think it comes in camel too, but black is a safe colour): "
"The case is specifically made for POY (Pen of the Year) pens. It is larger in size and is supposed to show them off better."

"And it has this button with the coat of arms (but, of course....)"

One more part of Lawrence's review to go! (link to part 4)

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