Sunday, November 7, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 281

 A few days ago, we featured a beautiful Benu fountain pen belonging to Jessica, and today we have more pen "eye candy" for you, also courtesy of Jessica! It's a lovely fountain pen made by a new pen company based in Italy and...well, let's let Jessica tell the story of how she came across it...

Jessica: "I first learned about the Gioia fountain pens through Stephen Brown’s YouTube channel, sbrebrown (Don’t you just love the intro to all his reviews?) The pen he showed was the Gioia Partenope. I pretty much fell in love with the Gioia brand immediately. Based in Naples, I believe they started producing commercially in 2020. Gioia means joy in Italian and boy do they ever bring it! 😄

Anyway, fast forward a few weeks after that fateful YouTube review,
😂 I found out that Gioia was launching the Alleria. Immediately, I got in touch with Kirk Speer and begged him to order it for me and put my favourite cursive italic grind on it. (Little teaser, I may have a new favourite grind now!)

After waiting a few more weeks for the pre-sale to be over, I promptly forgot about it.
😳 Then on a rainy Thursday afternoon, I received my pen. As soon as I saw that it was from Pen Realm, my heart skipped a beat and the package was ripped open...."

(all photos courtesy of Jessica ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"Behold, my beautiful Joy in all her glory. From the ruthenium hardware to the mesmerizing pearly blue resin (minus the glitter I might add!), I knew I had to ink it right away! Of course, two days prior, I had rearranged my bottles of ink and the perfect blue shade of Waterman Mysterious Blue was nowhere to be seen. I lost patience so I inked it with Noodler’s Squeteague Teal
. 🤷🏻‍♀️ "

"The Alleria has a piston filling system and a steel nib. Mr. Speer from Pen Realm did a tremendous job on the cursive italic grind on the original broad nib."

"(And just look at that marvelous sunburst engraving!)"

  "I had no doubt the writing experience would be stellar "

"The barrel’s just the teensiest large in my hand. The widest point is about 15.6mm. I must say that a piston filling system normally wouldn’t be my first choice if the pen wasn’t a demonstrator, but when you’re in love, 🥰 you overlook certain little “imperfections.” 😆

"My pen seems to have been numbered. This isn’t a limited edition pen though so I’m not sure what the number on the barrel means. My photos are taken under artificial lighting so the colour appears to be a cool, deeper blue. In person it is a more muted medium blue with a warm undertone."

What a gorgeous pen...and what a great nib on it! Our thanks to Jessica for letting us shop vicariously for pens through her recent purchases! 😉

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