Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 292

It's the first day of December and the 'season of giving' is well upon us! Of course, you don't need a special time of year to show generosity to others; a few months ago, Stuart got some cool vintage desk sets and a vintage inkwell from Joe C. as gifts :) We featured one of them -- a Sheaffer 'Fineline' ballpoint counter set (the kind with a chain attached to the pen)-- here on our pen club's blog back in July. Stuart was very appreciative of Joe's generosity and wanted to share the rest of the items on our blog today, so away we go!

(all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Stuart: "The first pic shows three Sheaffer bases, two nice onyx ones, and a two-pen model. The green onyx base has lovely colour, which gets washed-out in the picture."

Stuart: "The second shot is a very handsome Parker set with a functioning perpetual calendar. It fits a Jotter BP desk pen - I tried a desk 51 and 45, and neither fit. The sticker on the bottom indicates it sold new for $45, so quite high-end. I’m guessing 70’s-80’s. The stone bases are off-brands, nicely done, but I don’t know if I have any pens that will fit them. The thicker desk BP’s work in them."

"I’m very pleased with the desk sets. Only one FP in the lot, the non-working Snorkel, all of the other pens are generic desk BP’s. Some of them work - one set with a chained pen is now on our kitchen counter! The others need refills, the generic stick type that look like the innards of a BIC."

Stuart: "The last shot is an antique inkwell. The interior is messy, and there’s a loose brass ring which I think originally held the glass insert in place. It makes a handsome display piece."

Many thanks to Stuart for sharing his gifts with us via our pen club's online "show & tell"!

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