Friday, December 17, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 299

Today's newest acquisition belongs to honourary VPCer Glenn from Australia, who has been actively collecting modern Pelikans for the last few years. His collection includes the latest Pelikan M2xx (ie. M200/M205) model demonstrator fountain pen matching the Pelikan 'Edelstein' "Ink of the Year" (which, for 2021, was "Golden Beryl"). Meet Glenn's new Pelikan M200 "Golden Beryl" fountain pen!

(all text below by Glenn)

Pelikan M200 Golden Beryl.

"I got my pen & ink set today, and I'm a bit underwhelmed with the glitter effect of the pen material, which seems minimal compared to that of its Moonstone & Star Ruby predecessors, which are both lovely. It’s even harder to capture in a photograph than it is to see when holding the pen itself.

The matching ink apparently has a shimmer effect which is expected to improve the appearance of the pen. I've not filled mine yet, so I can’t comment on the result, but my basic premise was that the pen should be attractive in its own right, and not as dependent on the ink it contains as seems likely."

(all photos courtesy of Glenn ~ please click on images to enlarge)

"The GP nib & furniture are classic M200, as you’d expect, so there are no surprises or complaints there. Indeed, the matching cap top is a nice touch that I’d like to see maintained in future, and it is good to see the return of the GT clip nut that was dropped from the M205 Petrol Marbled pre-release; it looks so much smarter than black."

"The paradox is that the Moonstone and Star Ruby looked better in the hand than they did in the photos, which led me to expect something similar with this edition. Sadly, the relatively muted appearance of this pen is a little disappointing.

That said, I would not like to have missed adding this pen to its siblings in the flock; it’s pretty enough in its own way, but I recommend seeing an actual pen before buying, rather than trusting the photos.

Glenn Garside."

Many thanks to Glenn for his review and photos! VPC members--please keep those wonderful reviews and photos of your newest acquisitions coming :)
Thanks in advance,

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