Friday, December 31, 2021

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 305

Happy New Year's Eve!

As 2021 draws to a close, I'd like to, once again, thank everyone in our pen club who sent in photos and reviews for our virtual "show & tell" this year - all were very much appreciated :) We'll keep the online show & tell going until we can safely meet again in person, so please keep those reviews & photos coming!
Now, onto today's featured newest acquisition...

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I'd purchased a Pelikan 'Jazz Pastel' ballpoint (model K36) in apricot a few months ago and really liked it (so much that I reviewed it here). I'd seen the fountain pen version of the 'Jazz' --the Pelikan 'Jazz Elegance' (model P36) -- sold as a set with a matching ballpoint on, but I only wanted the fountain pen, so I didn't purchase it. While browsing, I noticed that they sold the fountain pen separately, so I added it to my order.

The 'Jazz Elegance' fountain pen came out in 2015 and was only made in black and white (the white is actually pearl-like in colour). Unlike my 'Jazz Pastel' ballpoint, which has a matte, textured finish, my 'Jazz Elegance' fountain pen's is glossy-looking and smooth. Both the ballpoint and the fountain pen are lacquered, all-metal writing instruments (with some heft to them) that feel good in the hand.

The fountain pen uses a cartridge/converter filling system and only comes in one nib width--Medium. The steel nib has the Pelikan bird logo on it, but no indication of its nib width (the Pelikan sticker on the pen, however, indicates that it is a Medium). My pen's nib lays down a very smooth line somewhere between a Fine and a Medium, and is a nice, reliable writer with no start-up issues.

The shiny metal section is narrow and rather slippery, but its hourglass shape prevents my fingers from sliding off the pen. I know that sounds really bad, but the section is actually quite comfortable to hold, although I wind up holding the pen lower than I normally do. I use the pen posted - it has a nice balance to it and, at 6 inches posted, it's not overly long. You could use it unposted, but I find it a bit too short for my hand.

The friction-fit cap snaps onto the section with an audible 'click' and stays on well. The chrome-plated spring-loaded clip (which shares the same beak-shaped design as the ballpoint's) clips onto both paper and clothing easily and securely. According to a description for the pen, the clip can flex out by nearly an inch due to the spring inside!

Now, here's some more data about the fountain pen, courtesy of

For $20 CAD (not including shipping), I think the Pelikan 'Jazz Elegance' fountain pen is worth the price if you're looking for an affordable, everyday fountain pen that has a classy look to it.

A word about the price:
You can find the pen for a much lower price at some European online pen stores, but you have to factor in shipping costs, possible duties and brokerage and/or processing fees; offers free shipping within Canada for orders of $49 CAD or higher, which is a very low threshold for free domestic shipping.

(~photos & review by Maja~)

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