Monday, January 17, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 313

And now, here's another entertaining review by VPC's own Andy, who recently acquired a handmade Indian fountain pen!

(all photos & text by Andy ~ please click on images to enlarge)


"Good day sexy pen friends and Happy New Year.

My first new fountain pen of the year for Show and Tell and there’s a few more sexy ones on the way.

This is the Kama Sutra of fountain pens...a sexy pen from India."

"Let’s start with the unsexy.

Hmm...hand written on cheese appeal equals zero!"

"If you didn’t catch the company name and contact info on the lid of the box, you’ll be reminded again with a nice sexy business card.

And here is the sexy beast of a ultra budget, tiny piston filler demonstrator of no name or brand and a free eyedropper."

" more’s sexy time.

Here is the Ranga Model 3 in a very stealthy and mysterious all sexy black ebonite.

I have opted for the matte brushed finish as it very closely resembles the sexy and iconic Lamy 2000 in feel and texture."

"Currently they have no nib options other than the standard nib sizes in mono color Jowo Steel #6’ appeal equals zero!

Ah...but for a lot more cash, you can have the ultra sexy Bock Titanium.

I chose the gold in “fine”... and to some, this “naked” nib is kind"

"Taken from the inspiring Parker Duofold shape and size, this pen feels just plain sexy.

The barrel has a slight sexy curve and taper with a texture that is smooth and silky yet still remains fairly grippy."

"Posts very securely and long...meh...not sexy!"



Thank you, Andy, for sharing this handsome new fountain pen with us on our pen club's blog!
For more information on this model, check out Ranga's official website.

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