Friday, January 21, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 315

As promised, here's another fine vintage fountain pen recently acquired by Christopher. This one was also made by an American pen company over one hundred years ago!

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Christopher: "The early Black Chased Vulcanized Rubber Moore Pens have always been favourites of mine, and this example is no exception. Definitely an Oversized model, posting a full 7 inches with quite a wide girth. This is a flat top with a plain elegance that is smartly offset by its 14K gold filled fittings. The lever poised to fill this pen is quite small, but adequate, and ends in an equally small flat ball. The grip section is noticeably long, but fits well in the fingers and the pen posted is very well balanced for writing. The nib is a Moore’s 14K gold Number 3 and a very impressive writer with medium flex. I found it quite interesting that the Moore Company also identified the cap clip as ‘The Moore Clip’ in a round circle at the top. This pen has age to it, having been produced just before the so called ‘Roaring 20’s’ in 1919. Once again, I am currently enjoying using this fountain pen and when the rubber sack is dry, the pen will be making its way into my collection."

Congratulations on another great find, Christopher, and many thanks for your review!

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