Monday, February 28, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 334

Today's featured new acquisition is courtesy of Lawrence, who got this fountain pen at Nikaido...

Lawrence writes:

I did not know very much about this pen, only that Joe told me this is a new variant - it has a brushed metal look. I saw this olive green color and instantly fell in love with the looks. It gave a very Tiki/ Exotica vibe for some bizarre reason. I know that is the last thing anyone will have in mind when they think of Faber-Castell fountain pens (well, at least for this POY has a very tropical feel and will, in fact, make a better Tiki pen come to think of it...but 'nuff about that)

May I present the olive green Neo Slim Tiki pen (just kidding).... 

(all photos courtesy of Lawrence ~ please click on images to enlarge)

 The green color reminds me of some tropical palm leaves, and the actual shape of the pen has a very bamboo like feel; it has some subtle tapering like a plant stalk. At least that's how I would describe the feeling I have for it. And the Faber-Castell logo...because my eyes are indeed getting old and failing....looks like palm trees from a distance, instead of the two jousting knights. I thought they looked like the tops of coconut palms at first glance...LOL Anyway, it gave me mondo tiki vibes, so I got it. 

The nibs are coated in black (which I am hoping will be more durable than what Montblanc gave me...) 

I can barely see the nib details because of the black color, but I got mine in medium.

It writes smooth, like other Faber-Castell pens that I have.  Not the floaty writing -- there is feedback-- but the nice kind of feedback, not scratchy.

The unusual thing about this pen was the nib points downward. I thought it was broken when I tried it at Nikaido LOL...but it is intentional...

It takes a converter and I filled mine up with purple ink (because green goes with it...Maja looked it up in a color chart...thanks for that...:))

The pen body is metal, but it is very light. Even the cap is light, so posting it does not add any weight whatsoever at all...unlike some of Faber-Castell's pens (I had the pear wood Ambition which becomes off-balanced when posted..).  It's a bit thin, but because of the brushed metal, it does not slip off easily like other thin metal pens I have. It stays put.  Because it gave me Tiki vibes all over...I don't think it would have the same appeal if it was any thicker...right now, it gives me the impression that I'm writing with a bamboo or palm stalk....

I never really felt that way with any of my pens before, but this one whispers "Bring me with you on your vacations.... to Hawaii, Caribbean...Southeast Asia.....and of course, we will use purple ink..."
Till next time.
Aloha :P


Our thanks to Lawrence, as always, for sharing his new pen-related purchases with us here on our club's blog! Faber-Castell steel nibs are nice writers, so it's good to see them on another interesting model like the 'Neo Slim' ...and I'm glad to hear my ink recommendation was a good one ;)

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