Friday, May 13, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 370

It's Friday the 13th and I'm not the superstitious type, but I thought I'd snap a few shots of my new ballpoint with a bird that's considered a symbol of bad luck by some. As for me, I love ravens 😊
Meet my new Pelikan Snap® ballpoint (model K10) in the Copper colour, which I got from for $25.26 CAD ($20.27 for the pen + $4.99 shipping)! The pen arrived from Austria, safe and sound, in the simple, silvery Pelikan cardboard box you see below:

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I wasn't familiar with this Pelikan model before I stumbled across it on Amazon, but I found out it was released internationally in early 2021, so it hasn't been around all that long. It's a cylindrical, all-metal, aluminum ballpoint with a pearl-lacquered barrel and conical brass tip. The clicker button, clip and tip are all
chrome-plated and, in fact, Pelikan states the pen is made of "100% recyclable metal".

The Snap is made in Germany and available in six metallic colours: Silver, Platinum, Gold, Rose gold, Copper and Frost(ed) Blue. Mine came with a Pelikan-branded ballpoint refill with blue ink, but it can also accept Parker-style ballpoint refills.

 To activate the ballpoint, you push the button (clicker) at the top of the pen. To retract the refill, you have two options--you can push the clicker, or you can press the top part of the clip (the first time I used it, I pushed the clip down towards the tip, but that's not how it works). This second option causes the refill to retract with a rather loud snapping noise (from which the model got its name, I presume). I strongly recommend using the first option if you're using the pen in a quiet setting.

It's a minimalist design, but I think it's a handsome pen, and I really like the copper colour and shimmery metallic finish. The part of the pen to which to the clip is anchored is glossy black, and pairs nicely with the copper-coloured barrel. The pen is completely unadorned except for the Pelikan name and logo, which are silk-screened onto the back of the barrel, just below the clicker button. The name and logo are very small and unobtrusive, which fits the minimalist look of the pen

The Snap is 14cm (5.5 inches) long, weighs 21 grams and is well-balanced in the hand, thanks to the brass tip (nosecone) which shifts the center of gravity towards the tip ("...thus enabling ergonomically optimized writing", according to their website). It's a fairly lightweight but girthy ballpoint --wider at the grip area than my Parker Jotter XL-- and it's comfortable to hold. Although it's an all-metal pen, I don't find my fingers slipping down the barrel when I'm using the pen; your experience may vary, though, especially if you hold the pen lower down the barrel. All in all, it's a nice-looking, well-made ballpoint that's pleasant to use and writes smoothly!  

 (~photos & review by Maja~)

Well, thanks for reading this short(er) review. We'll be featuring a handsome vintage fountain pen on Sunday, so keep an eye out for that!

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