Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 372

When I was looking up info on the Pelikan Snap ballpoint I reviewed last week in Pelikan's 2021 International Catalog, I spotted a Pelikan Twist® (model P457) fountain pen in the lovely "Shine Mystic" material. The Twist model has been around since 2013 and I bought one at the L.A. show in 2015, but I hadn't seen that particular finish before. The catalog said it was available "while supply lasts"... and when I checked Pelikan-collectibles.com, it said that this version came out in 2019. Fearing that it might sell out, I promptly ordered one from Amazon.ca for $28.06 CAD + $3.95 shipping. And here it is...

(please click on images to enlarge)

It arrived, safe and sound, from the UK in the lightweight cardboard box shown in my photos. Despite the box's no-frills appearance, I applaud Pelikan for choosing environmentally-friendly packaging for their less-expensive writing instruments. The pen (which was made in Germany) came with a Pelikan long international ink cartridge containing their Royal Blue ink.

It doesn't post but the 'Twist' fountain pen measures about 5 inches from nib tip to barrel end, so it's comfortable enough to use unposted. Capped, it measures approximately 5.5 inches. The total weight of the pen (when empty) is 19 grams.

(above: the Pelikan name and logo - adult pelican and chick - tastefully embossed on the barrel)

The pen is made of an shiny, iridescent plastic that changes colour depending on the light:
The chameleon-like properties of the plastic make it tough to capture in photos, so I had to shoot it from different angles.

The pen comes with a steel nib that's marked "M" (for Medium) and it looks exactly like the nib on the Pelikan 'ilo' (which I reviewed last week), but it lacks the Pelikan logo. The pen is a smooth writer and is compatible for both left and right handers. The grip section shape does give it a "school pen" kind of vibe, but I'd say the same thing for Lamy 'Safari'/'Al-Star' fountain pens...and they're used by nearly everyone :)

I like the reassuring "click" sound when you screw the section onto the barrel. Like the 'ilo' model, the 'Twist's' triangular grip section has an ergonomic design, but the 'Twist's' is made of black plastic (vs. rubber for the 'ilo') and has more pronounced contours that keep your fingers in the proper writing position (kind of like a molded racing car seat). The 'Twist' might be better than the 'ilo' for someone with large hands because its grip section is bigger, but both models are very comfortable to hold.

Both the cap and barrel have a twist design, but the pen's sides line up perfectly no matter how you put the friction-fit cap back on. Uncapping the pen might take some time getting used to because it caps very tightly, and you might think you're going to pull the pen apart when you're uncapping it... but you won't :)

(Above: Triangular cutout on the end of the pen's barrel and circular Pelikan logo on the top of the cap -- note that the cutout on the barrel end is really a triangular shaped hole, so the pen can't be used as an eyedropper filler)

All in all, I'd highly recommend this fountain pen to someone that wants a well-made, eye-catching writing instrument that's very comfy to hold and use for longer writing periods. The 'Twist' comes in a large variety of colours and finishes (over 30 to date!) with a variety of grip section colours. Love the design but you're not a fountain pen fan? The Twist also comes in rollerball form.

(photos & review by Maja)

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