Monday, May 23, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 375

I always look forward to seeing what new vintage desk sets Stuart has acquired, so I was happy to get an email from him that started with "Here’s some shots of my new baby - another cool Parker Magnetix desk set!".  The Parker 'Magnetix' sets had pen holders that were held in place --but still able to swivel-- with the aid of a magnet in the base; there's a neat 1947 ad for a Parker 'Magnetix' desk set with a Parker '51' desk pen here. Without further ado, here's Stuart's own set!

(all photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Stuart continues: "The base is anodized black aluminum, with a brass centre band. There’s another version of this base that reverses the colour scheme."

"The main portions of the base are recessed trays, with the gold part raised up, so in profile it looks something like a compressed W: "
"The Magnetix socket on this one has been repaired - in the photo above, you can see epoxy that was applied to reattach the plastic socket to the magnetic steel ball. I don’t find it very noticeable; I might try and find an intact one some time."

 "The pen is the desk version of the Parker 51 Special, with a gold nib. It has a functional Aerometric filler, and writes a very smooth Medium or possibly Broad line, as shown in the writing sample. I’m dating the set as circa 1952-1956, based on my online research."

"A gold nib was added as an option to the 51 Special at some point after it was launched in 1950, and the blurb for Superchrome ink on the filler body was gone by 1957.

I’m very happy with this set, with its mid-century style and the great-writing pen! I love my Sheaffer sets, but these Magnetix Parkers are too cool to pass up."

The Parker 'Magnetix' sets came with different Parker desk pen models, as shown in this illustration by Fred Plewa that appeared in "Pen World" magazine. Our thanks, as always, to Stuart for sharing another wonderful vintage desk set with us!

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