Monday, May 9, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 368

A while back, Sherman decided to focus his fountain pen collecting and try to acquire "one decent pen from each decent brand".  Today we're featuring a very interesting fountain pen made by an Italian pen company - Sherman's  Marlen® Music Collection Violin Special Edition Black Fountain Pen with M Nib :

Sherman writes: "A brand that's seldom heard from this group, so I hope you enjoy this sharing... Bought in July 2021. Like its violin feature. However, always has hard start... so I decided to disassemble it to see what's going on! Result is quite surprising....

(all photos courtesy of Sherman ~ please click on photos to enlarge)

Never heard about Marlen, so according to my "One decent brand / decent pen", I bought this one, especially I love the Violin aspect.

First time fully disassemble it, aiming to give it a deep cleansing. Hope to avoid further hard start.

The clip has tarnish... strange. The center wand has no colour change! But the section ring was a bit corroded!

It came with a Schmidt Converter. It had a little bit of corrosion when I got it. Thought it was some defect. But now, it has a lot more corrosion! Strange but why????

Further investigation. There is a metal barrel inside the barrel, and I felt it has some corrosion. May be that's why the converter got corroded!

And I used the Elsterglanz to try it out. See how bad it is from the Q-Tip!!!!

So I used the Elsterglanz to polish the section ring. It is shiny again now.

The front side of the nib looks okay to me though the imprint of 1982 looked like a little bit corroded too!

Here comes the actual problem! The back side of the nib has a bit of corrosion. And it affected the same area on the feed! It has been washed, but not being cleaned by supersonic!

After supersonic bath, I can brush away those sticky stuff on the feed. But I needed to ensure the ink flow. So I used the Brass Sheet to give it a great floss. You can't believe that I could not slide it along from the end to the tip at first. But now it's all right.

Okay, the feed and the section can be easily aligned. I just pushed them in effortlessly. Good, like it.

Now it's back to normal, writes smoothly and the ink flow is great too!

The pen is gorgeous indeed. Not sure how long I can tolerate the tarnish on the clip.... Will see." 

Well done, Sherman! Thank you for sharing this beautiful fountain pen with us :)

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