Sunday, June 12, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 385

Just a few shots of a Jinhao fountain pen I very recently acquired-- an all-orange version of the same Jinhao '100 Centennial' (a/k/a Jinhao 'Century 100') model I reviewed (in depth) a couple of months ago here...

I didn't realize there was an all-orange version until I saw a YouTube review of it ... and immediately fell in love with the pen. I was worried it might sell out quickly, so after I found it on Aliexpress
, I purchased it right away (on April 7) for $28.52 CAD including shipping.

(please click on images to enlarge)
I got a tracking number from the seller, so I was able to follow the parcel's progress online as it made its way from China to Canada. On May 10th, I got email notification that it was successfully delivered by Canada someone in Sainte-Luce, Quebec! Turns out the logistics company in China put the wrong address on my parcel 😞

I contacted the seller (who was very apologetic) and she sent another pen to me, pretty much immediately. It arrived last week, safe and sound. Whew!

Unlike my other orange Jinhao '100 Centennial', this one has an orange cap finial, orange barrel end, and an orange section (and a different clip -this one has a beautiful arrow clip vs. the other's ball-ended clip). Both pens have the same nice, big Jinhao #6 size two-tone steel nib, but this one just says "Jinhao" and "F" (for Fine) on it, not "Jinhao 18 KGP" like my other one. Interestingly, the nib on this all-orange pen lays down a true Fine line, whereas the other Jinhao nib (without any nib width marked on it) lays down a Medium line.

The seller told me that the original Jinhao box was now out of stock but I said I didn't mind, so the replacement pen came in a small, narrow cardboard Jinhao box. It got a bit squished in transit, but the pen inside was undamaged. I never noticed that there were two figures in the horse-drawn carriage in the Jinhao logo until I took the photo above for this review 🙄

Anyway, that's it--a very brief look at a lovely pen & smooth writer that I got for a very reasonable price (and a bit of postal delivery drama ;)

(~photos & review by Maja~)

Stay tuned for a review of a handsome vintage European pen belonging to Christopher that'll be posted here on Tuesday!

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