Thursday, June 16, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 387

Continuing with classy black vintage pens, here's another one recently acquired by Christopher -- a Parker UK AF Duofold!

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Christopher: "The Brits' approach to Parker pens has always fascinated me but, initially, Parker had their Commonwealth pens produced in Canada for export to Britain. When a company in England was finally bought by Parker to produce their product overseas, the company that stepped up to the plate was the Valentine Pen Company.

For the British pen market, a newly designed Duofold pen was introduced in 1946. This pen followed its predecessor as a metal button filler, more or less the same as the original North American Duofold, but in 1948 an aluminum button filler was applied. This aluminum filler was also in use in the British Parker Victory line of pens where it had been quite successful and well received until it was duly replaced.

The new British Parker Duofold was more of a streamlined design and sported the wide feather 14K Gold Filled Parker arrow clip. Around 1953, the aluminum filler was replaced with the Parker aerometric filler, which had been in use in the Parker 51. Throughout its history, the UK Parker Duofold held its own and, for me, this pen is a total winner."

For more information on this model, check out this article on Thank you, Christopher, for sharing your newest find with us!

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