Friday, July 22, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 405

If you've been following our little online "show & tell", I'm sure you've noticed Stuart steadily amassing a really nice collection of vintage desk sets. Here's another fine example he acquired a few weeks ago:

(photos courtesy of Stuart ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Stuart: "Another set arrived last Tuesday! It’s a Sheaffer, the first I’ve acquired in a few months, believe it or not. :)"

It has a lovely, Pedrara onyx base, and is fitted with a lever-filling Lifetime desk pen in brown with a matching socket, and a perpetual calendar that shows the month and the date. You select the correct date card each month to match up with the current month. It has a wooden back that slides onto the frame, and a glass pane in front. It swivels around to wherever you want it. As it fits in a socket-hole that’s the same as used for the pens, you can swap the calendar and pen around if you’re left-handed! And Sheaffer could use the same base for a two-pen set, very clever."

"It’s in the 1938 Sheaffer catalog that the site has. It sold for $15 with the Lifetime pen, and the calendar could be bought separately for $3.50. Mine has the label, which indicates what other pens could be had with the base, and the prices for those versions."

"The pen needs a sac, no surprise, and some nib tuning - when I dip it, I can’t get anything out of it. The feed is not centered under the tines, so that’s probably the problem. Otherwise, the set is in excellent condition, and I’m very happy with it! As you can see, the calendar is very elegant, and the patina the gold-finished frame has acquired over the years adds to its charm.

So another great addition to the hoard!"

Our thanks, as always, to Stuart for sharing his new purchases with us :)
Fellow VPC members: Please keep those photos and reviews coming, and many thanks to everyone who has contributed to our virtual "show & tell" already!

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