Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 397

Here's a short(er) review of my PENBBS '352' "Cedar" - a slim, flat-top in a beautiful resin:

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I got it for $29.99 USD ($27.99 + $2 shipping) via one of my favourite eBay sellers - 'esybuy' - in the summer of 2020, the year after it was first released. It came in a very nice PENBBS presentation box (like this one) with a wraparound magnetic lid.

Some sellers called the resin "Cedar" or "Cedar Grain", but I've seen the material referred to as "Pine Wood Grain" as well. Whatever its name, it's very attractive and looks great with the silver-coloured trim.

The pen weighs 20.0 grams (with an empty converter in it) and is 14.4 cm long capped, 12.9 cm uncapped (nib tip to barrel end) and 16.1 cm posted. It's not overly long posted if you're a high gripper like myself, but I tend to use it unposted. It's a slimmer pen with a 1.2 cm maximum barrel diameter, and both the barrel and grip section are subtly tapered.

The double-ended-sword clip is simple but elegant-looking with its beveled edges, and it clips onto things well, without being overly-tight. It's the same clip that's found on a few other PENBBS models like the '355, '456' and '480'.

The cap band says "PENBBS", "SHANGHAI" and "352" on it. I have a hard time remembering some pen model numbers (unless they're '2000' or '149' or '51' ;
) so I'm glad they put the model number on the cap band.

The nib has some nice scrollwork engraved on it, as well as "PENBBS" & "SINCE 2005" in block letters, and "F" & "China" in cursive. The pen was available with either an Extra-Fine or Fine nib, so I chose the Fine. The pen wrote very smoothly right out of the box and laid down a true Fine line. The '352' model is a C/C-filler and fills via ink cartridge or the supplied converter.

The creamy-white resin is gorgeous and varies in appearance because of its streaks and swirls, so no two pens are exactly alike. I'm so happy that PENBBS used the same material for the grip section as for the rest of the pen.

Overall, I love this pen--both for how it writes and how it looks--- and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for a slimmer, classy-looking resin C/C-filler.

(photos & review by Maja)

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