Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Just one more thing ... (re: our Leonardo 'Furore' "Mosaico Hawaii" Vancouver Pen Club LE pen)

I was reading Glenn Marcus' wonderful review of our pen club's brand-new Leonardo limited edition fountain pen on his website (link), and there was one part that puzzled me. It's this bit, the last paragraph in "The Cap & Body" section of Glenn's review:

"The patterns changes from one side to the others. Want to nicely line the body and cap up? Turn to unscrew the pen three times, then close. You may have to do it once or twice, but you will be amazed how it all lines up." 

I wasn't sure what Glenn was referring to because I didn't notice different patterns (I guess I was mesmerized by the pen!)...but then I thought back to what the official Leonardo website said about their "Mosaico" resin (which I quoted in my review): "The material (is) spaghetti resin, Italian production new* concept the horizontal cut of the slab gives life to a real mosaic, the result is a squared side texture, while on the front (clip side) and rear side a texture is visible that I would define "ringed Arco" (*about 2 years ago we started experimenting with this new concept)."

After re-reading that a couple of times, I realized that the Leonardo website was saying that the manner in which the resin is cut results in two different types of patterns--one mosaic-like, and the other ringed!

When you look at the front of the cap and the back of the cap (ie. 180 degrees apart), the "Mosaico" resin has a ringed appearance - the "ringed Arco" that was mentioned on the Leonardo website above:

(photo of the back of the cap)


.....but when you look at the other two sides of the cap, the pattern looks like the "real mosaic" that the Leonardo website alluded to:

(two photos of the sides of the cap below ~ click on images to enlarge)

My photos don't show the sides of the cap as well as I'd like, but I think you can see the little black, tan and blue squares in the resin that make up the mosaic-like pattern....

Think of it like a Battenberg cake:

 (photo from "The Great American Baking Show", taken from the website)

Viewed from the top (before the icing is put on), you see three parallel lines---pink, white and pink--- (like the ringed resin on the front and back of the pen cap).....but if you cut the cake and look at it from the side, you see a series of tiny the mosaic-like pattern on the sides of the pen's cap.

The pen's barrel has the same patterns as the cap---two sides have ringed resin, and the other two sides have a mosaic-like pattern. When Glenn talked about lining the cap and body up (in his pen review), he was talking about aligning the two types of patterns on the cap with the same two patterns on the barrel. When the pen is assembled in the factory, I'm pretty sure they line everything up before it's packaged (mine came that way), but when you remove the cap and then screw it back on, the patterns might not line up...but you can do what Glenn suggested in his review. Glenn---thanks for that useful bit of information, and for your great review & photos of our beautiful new pen club pen!

I hope that all makes sense. All of this might be obvious...but if not, then I hope it makes you appreciate Leonardo's 'Mosaico" resin a little more :)

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