Friday, January 13, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 451

Many thanks to everyone who came to our pen club meeting last night! I plan to post a report (with photos from the meeting) this weekend, but in the meantime, here's another fun review by Andy...

Andy writes:

""Hello pen friends! Happy 2023!

It’s been quite some time and I apologize for the lack of presence.

If there’s no schedule conflicts, I’m hoping to show up at the club meetings at least a handful of times this year...fingers crossed.

As we continue with the new year, the Lunar new years is a constant follow.

Why not hit it off with Shanghai’s prolific writing instrument.........PENBBS

What model do you say!?!?!?!?!?!?

“only the Shadow knows!”

I don’t think Alec Baldwin even knows what PENBBS is.

He looks like a Mont Blanc kind of guy.

(all photos courtesy of Andy ~ please click on images to enlarge)
Model 499 “Shadow

This is Penbbs’s first all brass model.

The barrel and cap are completely made of brass and powder-coated with a very black color.

The texture on the finish is very apparent...a very mild coarseness but comfortable.

The stamping and finish on the cap band is nicely done.

I especially like the near seamless fit when the cap is mated to the barrel.

Because of the cap band being tapered just the right amount, I can’t feel an edge when I run my fingers in both directions.

Another first for Penbbs...the brass section is guilloched in a twist pattern.

The twist is subtle but I can feel it, and along with the lines this aids to a better grip.

The barrel finial is basic but nicely rounded and polished.

Another first is the laser etched logo on the cap finial...a “P” surrounded by eight petals and eight hearts.

They also borrowed the same closing mechanism like the Diplomat Aero pens. That very satisfying slow suction closure.

Although it posts somewhat deep, it’s far too long and top heavy.

This pen is plenty long unposted.

As with brass pens, there is some weight but this being 28g unposted and the balance is near the’s just right.

Well...I wish everyone good health and a prosperous 2023.

Thank you

Andy "

Our thanks to Andy for another great review (and for including lots of nice photos, too!)

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