Sunday, January 29, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 456

As promised, here's that review of a vintage classic (courtesy of Christopher) that I promised in the last blog post...

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Christopher: "I will admit that I have not had much of the Conklin Crescent Fillers, but when this one came up the other day, it was hard to pass by. Right away, I noted that it is a pre cap clip model and with a very attractive black hard chased rubber finish. The Crescent filler was the marvel of its day and made the Conklin company one of the big four before Eversharp stepped up. The arc of the crescent is engraved as the trade mark, ‘Crescent Filler’ and finished in 14K Gold Filled. The rounded grooved keeper that holds the crescent filling mechanism in place works extremely well. Just such a simple but well thought out filler! The round ended cap, which covers a lovely flexy 14K Gold No.3 Conklin branded nib, is quite lengthy. And to get around the absence of a cap clip, the original user added a beautifully designed Deco Eagle Pen & Pencil company brass accommodation ball ended clip.

This is a wonderful pen to write with, in that even a slight pressure applied to the nib tip and the tines open up to increase the width of any given line, impressively. Saying that, the grip section is more than adequate, with the pen posting at a full 5 ¾ inches but caps back to a very pocketable 4 ¼ inches. The condition of this pen is brilliant considering its age. A pen that would have seen the first world war but still lives to write about it. I am adding this jewel to my collection, but this week it will be in my pen round up."

Many thanks to Christopher for his review! The next review will be of a modern classic fountain pen--stay tuned! :)

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