Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Spotlight on a special Hero fountain pen

Today we're shining a spotlight on one Sherman's wonderful red fountain pens that were featured two days ago, at the start of the Chinese New Year!

Sherman writes: "It was a surprise gift from my buddy who works in Shanghai. I asked him to help me buy a genuine Hero 329-2 for the reminiscing of my late mom. I believed it was the first fountain pen she bought me. It’s a very low cost pen, and he sent his employee to get it for me. He bought two since the sales rep had to go to the warehouse to grab it (nothing at that entry level at the Flagship Store). Then, he also bought this pen for me."

(all photos courtesy of Sherman ~ please click on images to enlarge)
...and here it is -- a special edition Hero fountain pen, created to mark the centennial anniversary of the Communist Party of China

According to this article, the pen's elaborate packaging "...features the Red Boat on Nanhu Lake in Zhejiang Province where the last day of the Party's First National Congress was held."  
The pen was released in the year 2021, which also marked the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Hero pen company. From that same article: "The pen factory was created in 1931 by Chinese entrepreneur Zhou Jinting in the name of Huafu. It moved to the Taopu Industrial Zone in Putuo in 1954. The brand changed its name to Hero in 1966."

The pen's 0.5mm nib, with the familiar Hero floral logo...

Many thanks to Sherman for sharing this interesting bit of  history with us (along with the his excellent photographs :)

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Anonymous said...

And I thank my buddy for this very kind gesture. Sherman.