Friday, February 10, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 461

...and here's Christopher's review of another beautiful fountain pen made by one of the "Big Four" vintage pen manufacturers!

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge) 

Christopher writes: "I am beginning to understand that the transition from the Wahl Eversharp straight tubular flat top to the streamlined  Equi-Poise in turn split into the Doric at the top of the company’s writing instruments with an offshoot to capture the more budget minded pen buyer - the Wahl Oxford, followed by the even more reasonable Pacemaker in 1938. The Equi-Poise was introduced at the end of the 1920s but both the Doric and Wahl Oxford did not see the light of day until 1931 respectably. 

But as much as the Doric was the cat’s meow in its day, I think there is a lot that can be said about the Pacemaker. When the Pacemaker came into being, there was no lack of quality. Rich coloured plastics and 14K Gold filled fittings made for an outstanding line. Add to this the tapered  design of both the cap and the barrel complemented with outstanding Eversharp Maniflex 14K Gold semi- flexible nibs and my goodness you have a winner. This is a fair sized pen posing at a full 6 inches but caps back to a pocketable 5. I do have a Wahl Oxford, but it definitely will not outdo this fine pen which I am adding to my collection."

What a vintage beauty! Congratulations to Christopher on acquiring it, and our thanks to him for sharing it with us here. We'll be back with a review of a budget-minded modern fountain pen (that I acquired from Nikaido a few weeks ago) on Sunday! Until then, have a great weekend :)

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