Thursday, April 13, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 480

From Parker to another one of the "Big Four" vintage pen companies, courtesy of Christopher...

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Christopher writes:
"Wahl really had their eye on all elements of good design when they released their Doric line of fountain pens and mechanical pencils. Design complemented with elegance, which set this line of fine pens apart for most, if not all, others. And there was just so much creative thought involved, even in the naming of the different colours. What other pen company would call their green (under their Airliner colours), Silver Green Shell and that is exactly what came my way in the oversized model.

The Doric is basically the Wahl Company’s streamlining of their older flat top pens during the late 1920s, but with a faceted finish in a lot of cases this just added to the Dorics overall beauty. One thing that is immediately evident is that the caps on the Dorics are long, which accents the streamlining. And the oversized model which is not --in my hands-- quite a big pen, posting at all of 6 ¼ inches but caps back at 5 ¼ inches. This is a later model Doric that has the super Deco 14K Gold Filled cap band which, unlike the earlier one, comes down in and slightly under the open end of the cap to provide protection against cracking when the pen is posted. This is a Eversharp ‘One Shot’ Vacuum Filler which is somewhat similar to the Sheaffer Vac – fill mechanism. But the real magic of this pen is definitely at the other end. For atop a long black section is a ‘Adjustable’ 14K Large No.4 flexy nib. Now this nib comes complete with a sliding open arrow shaped bar mechanism which allows for the user to adjust the nib from fine to semi broad or whatever suits their fancy. Still, that is not all in the innovative department because just under the feed and sticking out of the section in a spring loaded lever which allows for the ink flow to be shut off when the cap is installed back onto the pen.

I cannot express how pleased I am with this new addition, but I will admit that it is missing its clip but I do not see that is a challenge for me to find a replacement. In closing, I should add that in inking this trooper, it truly lays down the ink splendidly and the nib is nothing but flexible. It will be a pen --once completed-- that I use often."

Many thanks to Christopher for sharing this vintage classic with us! For an in-depth look at the different generations of the beautiful 'Doric' model, check out this profile on Richard Binder's website.

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