Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 494

Today we're shining a spotlight on a vintage British brand with a nice review by Christopher!

Christopher writes:  "In the past, I have welcomed pens by the British manufacturer Summit of London and, without exception, quality seemed to have been their strongest point. Strangely though, most --if not all-- of the Summit pens which came my way were finished in a very smart, but plain, black colour. I was admittedly beginning to wonder if the company actually produced more colourful pens until the other day, when I ran across this superb red pearl and black finished plastic vintage Summit lever filler."

(all photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

 "Again, the quality was impressive, with 14K Gold filled fittings. This pen has a responsible size to it and the cap is rounded off with a conical black clip screw and very thin banding. The clip in question is tapered down to a ball end and the grip section, which is also finished in jet black plastic, sports a fabulous Summit 14K Gold super flexy nib. I have nothing but good things to relate about this fine British fountain pen which, for writing, posts at 6 ¼ inches, capping back for the pocket or purse at 5 ⅛ inches."

"The Summit Pen company originally opened its doors in Liverpool, England as the Curzon Company at the turn of the last century. It rebranded during the 1920s as Curzon Ltd., but just before WWII the name was changed to Summit and their location moved on to London. Their target market was much similar to the Burnham and Conway Stewart pen companies, but they became history just after the war during the early 1950s.

In closing, how could I not welcome this wonderful item into my vintage pen collection and it will see lots of use as such."

There isn't a lot of information about this vintage brand online, but there is a website dedicated to Summit pens here. Thank you, Christopher, for sharing your own handsome example with us!

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