Friday, July 21, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 509

A big "thank you!" to everyone who came to our July meeting at the Vancouver Public Library's Terry Salman branch last night; I'll post a meeting report --with photos-- here sometime early next week (probably Mon/Tues). In the meantime, here's Christopher's write-up about the mystery fountain pen he showed us at the last meeting!

(all text and photos courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on images to enlarge)

Christopher: "Every once and a while, a pen comes my way that is truly unusual. What’s more, as much as I try to apply vintage pen collector logic to it, nothing really works. For many years I have been admittedly drawn to the likes of the Parker Vacumatic and Duofold, but when a pen comes along that is neither, where do I place it? 

Well let’s start with an overview...

First off, this pen appears to be a Parker from its unmistakable arrow wide feathered clip, but, at second glance, that is where it kind of stops. This arrow clip is held steadfast with a bit of an inset black jewel. Further down on the cap is a double -- but thin-- gold filled banding. The cap is streamlined, as is the barrel, but at the end of the barrel is a rounded blind cap. The finish is of relatively high quality brown pearl and jet plastic that took to polish like nobody’s business.

But what was under the cap kept right on with my Parker assessment. Into a jet back grip section was both a Vacumatic marked debutante 14K sold gold Canadian marked nib, sitting on a Parker Debutante Vacumatic feed.

And at the other end of a well made barrel, there was no question of a Parker Duofold Junior button filler button.

I would have been apt to dismiss this questionable vintage pen, if not for its overall quality and for the fact that it was very well made

The threading top and bottom was so finely machined and smooth to operate to unscrew and screw in, and the nib and feed seemed made to fit into its high quality section.

So where does this oddity fit in?

Well, I would like to dismiss it, but as a long term vintage pen collector, I just can’t. And after restoring and servicing it, I am hard pressed not to add it to my collection. Still, last but not far from least, how does it lay down ink on paper? Again, with an impressive smoothness and consistent line. OK, I give up and it’s a keeper!"

Many thanks to Christopher for his review of this intriguing fountain pen! If anyone out there has seen this kind of pen (or a similar one) before, please drop us a line at 😀

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