Saturday, September 9, 2023

Newest Acquisitions (Virtual "Show & Tell") ~ part 513

Christopher's newest vintage pen acquisitions keep on coming! 

He writes: "The period directly after WWII still had the Waterman Company producing superior products to meet the market demand for fountain pens. Granted, they were not what they had been prior to, but regardless of the struggle to maintain their strength, they continued to release new and interesting models. The 512v, vest pocket model came to the retail stores in the US, Canada and Great Britain in a number of extremely attractive colours complimented with a pearl finish. Sticking to their lever filled, which had never let Waterman down, and rounded out the equation with their Ideal 14K Gold No.2 nib."

(photo courtesy of Christopher ~ please click on image to enlarge)

"Personally, I have had a number of the 513, which is the more standard and longer model, so when I ran across the vest pocket 512v, I was immediately taken with this fine pocketable pen. The finish is superb and. in my case.a brilliant striated blue pearl. The fittings are 14K Gold filled and the clip is not that far off the earlier war time shorty, held in place with a matching top rivet. I should mention that in the case of this Waterman Toronto-manufactured model, there is no reference to the Waterman identification numbering on the barrel. It just has Waterman’s made in Canada markings on both the cap and barrel. There is also no point of origin inscribed on the nib, just the fact --well inscribed-- that it is a Rigid accounting point. Still, the pen is a great even and consistent writer, and in spite of the pen’s shorter length, posts to sit well in hand at 6 inches, but with the cap screwed back, can sit well placed in the pocket at 4 ½ inches..

It is too bad that Waterman felt it necessary to close down their North American production in 1954. If they had continued, possibly we would have see some really outstanding writing instruments." 

Our thanks to Christopher for the nice review and photo :) I took some photos of my recent finds, but haven't gotten around to writing the review parts yet...but they're coming!
Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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