Monday, February 5, 2024

Montblanc 'Inspire Writing' Webinar Series!

Here's a nice write up by Sherman about a recent free webinar on handwriting sponsored by Montblanc that he attended...

Montblanc 'Inspire Writing' Webinar Series – Flourishing Part 1

This webinar was available to those who subscribed to the Montblanc newsletter.  I hadn’t joined in probably a year now, but I attended this one on Jan 29, 2024.  I like flourishing my signature, but it wasn't good enough, so I believed I should be able to learn something from the experts.

What a surprise - the calligraphy artist/instructor was Mike Ward, who moved back to Vancouver just prior to the pandemic!  I encouraged him to join our club! 😜  He agreed and said he should get back into the community, but still hasn’t done much yet… Well, we’ll see.

During the 1 hour webinar, he illustrated some basic guidelines on flourishing, and it really opened my mind for sure.  It was so worthwhile to join.  And I so look forward to Part 2 now.

Then, I also took the opportunity to examine my humble MB collection, and found that I only needed to refill and prime a hard starter with MB Leo Tolstoy Sky Blue, Limited Edition ink.  That's all!  Hurray, wohahaha.....🤣🙏🖋


 (photo courtesy of Sherman ~ please click on image to enlarge)

Many thanks to Sherman for sharing this with us! If you're interested in attending a future virtual event, or just wish to rewatch past webinars (on topics like Copperplate calligraphy, Spencerian script, Modern calligraphy & more) check out this page on Montblanc's official website - 
(I registered to watch a webinar replay--on architectural lettering--and yes, it was free, too ;)

Whether or not you use a Montblanc, may you always enjoy using your fountain pens!


Kelvin said...

I heard about the seminars but never did find them. Thanks for providing the link! So many videos that I'll have to catch up on.


Vancouver Pen Club said...

Hi Kelvin! I actually forgot about them until Sherman reminded me, so I registered for the MB newsletter and watched part 1 of the archived architectural lettering webinar a few days ago. It was really well done---casual but very informative, and it had a nice pace to it. I plan to watch more webinars and then will try to join a live one :)