Sunday, April 21, 2024

A long time coming (Newest Acquisitions - Virtual "Show & Tell" ~ part 517)

Many thanks to everyone who came to our April meeting last Saturday; I'll post some photos and a mini-report sometime this week. In the meantime, here's a nice write-up about a beautiful vintage Waterman set that Christopher submitted for our blog...

(text & photo courtesy of Christopher~click on image to enlarge)

Christopher writes:

It is amazing what you can put together in the vintage pen department, given the time. I picked up a gorgeous Waterman ruby oversized first year Canadian 100 Year fountain pen while visiting family in Ontario years ago. Years later, I ran across an appropriate mechanical pencil and, more currently, just the right Waterman presentation box. Combining all of these elements gave me a very attractive and super edition to my vintage pen collection.

The Waterman’s 100 Year line of pens and pencils is definitely unique. I think that the finish in all cases sets these writing instruments far apart from the rest. Whether it is in the transparent emerald green, stunning transparent vivid blue or, as in my case, the transparent ruby red, all of these finishes are truly eye candy. Waterman also made the 100 Year line with a jet black finish, which should not be discounted and, to my mind, looks very smart.

The 100 Year also had extremely attractive 14K gold filled banding, which all added up to Art Deco styling. Of course, if you add in the marvelous Waterman top quality 14K Gold nibs, these 100 Year pens are irresistible. Waterman stuck with their boxed design extremely dependable lever filler for their 100 Year pens and the clip was their standard as with their other model lines. To round out a set, you could not ask for a more attractive casing and if Waterman honoured their 100 year guarantee, my set should be working well 'til 2039. We can only hope.  

Our thanks to Christopher for sharing this lovely set with us!

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Anonymous said...

Nice set - however the fountain pen cap is a mismatch. It’s a later cap