Sunday, June 23, 2024

Pics from June meeting

I wasn't able to make it to our June meeting (which was held at the Vancouver Public Library's Renfrew branch), but Asifa was kind enough to take a few photos 😊. There were at least 21 members in attendance (Asifa and Stuart aren't in the pics) so it was a good turnout...and we had a record-tying number of new members (at least seven), too! There was no theme/topic for this month's meeting, but I hope members enjoyed chatting about pens, inks and all things pen-related. Many thanks to all who attended!

(all photos courtesy of Asifa ~ please click on images to enlarge)

That's Shona & James (standing) talking pens with Bronson and Vladan (far right)

Andrew chatting with Paul (in short sleeves) in the background, while longtime VPCer Glenn Marcus checks his phone in the foreground

That's Yang (lower right corner) sitting next to Rumi...

..and that's Melanie (dark top, in background) talking with two brand-new members---Linda (sitting next to her) and Sheila (sitting across the table).

Above: Andrea (foreground) conversing with Anton...

...and David C. (seated) talking with Jerred (far right)!

As I said earlier, we had a lot of new members (1/3 of the attendees!) and I wasn't at the meeting, so I didn't get everyone's name---my apologies. Stuart was also at the meeting, but must have had a cloak of invisibility on, because he's not in any of the photos lol. Many thanks to Asifa for being our June meeting photographer :)

Details about our July meeting will be posted on our website as soon as the venue is booked.

Have a good week, everyone!

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