Friday, April 17, 2009

Maja Furlong Demonstrates Pen Repair

We certainly enjoyed Maja's presentation. Thanks Maja.


Vancouver Pen Club said...

There's a really good reason why I look terrified in this shot....It's because I *was* :)

Wordsmith said...

That was a great presentation Maja. Even if I'm not likely to do all those repairs, it was for me in most cases a first look inside those pens, and now I have a greater understanding how they work. Thanks! Bill.

Vancouver Pen Club said...

Thanks, Bill (and Tim--forgot to mention that earlier!). With vintage pen repairs, it's truly a case of a picture (or presentation, in this case) being worth a thousand words, so I was glad to do the talk for our club. I am hoping that one of the other two members who fix pens (Brian and Dave M) might do a talk on other types of repairs (vacumatics, etc.) sometime in the future.