Thursday, September 26, 2013

Glenn's (Italian) Pens!

Glenn Marcus, one of our long-time Vancouver Pen Club members, just sent me a couple of photos of two recent acquisitions from his trip to Rome. The fountain pens are so beautiful that I just had to post them on our website (with his permission, of course :)

The first is a scarlet red OMAS Ogiva limited edition in celluloid created for the Novelli Pen shop in Rome. Glenn's particular fountain pen is #2 of 30 pens made, and it "writes like a dream", he says:

The second pen is another OMAS limited edition--an OMAS Extra Lucens in celluloid . Only 331 were produced, and Glenn is one of the lucky few to own this gorgeous fountain pen. In his email, he called it "a sexy pen", and I'm sure you would agree:
(click on images to enlarge)

Many thanks for the photos, Glenn, and congratulations on your two spectacular purchases! You can find photos & reviews of many more great fountain pens (and fountain pen inks, fountain pen-friendly paper & some great pen stores) on Glenn's excellent & informative website, Glenn's Pens.

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