Sunday, September 22, 2013

Venue change for October 17th meeting

The venue for Thursday October 17th's meeting has been moved to the WHITE SPOT restaurant inside Oakridge Mall, and will be held from 6:00pm to 8:30pm or so. Please RSVP your attendance for this meeting before Saturday October 12 as per the group email instructions (or if you wish to join our club, at

Because of the difficulty in doing our usual "show & tell" while seated, our October topic/theme will be New Acquisitions. These can be any pens, inks, or pen-related accessories that you've acquired and want to show those seated around you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you to everyone who came to our September meeting (last Thursday) with your "most frustrating & most improved" fountain pens. I forgot to bring my digital camera but we had 14 members in attendance and the meeting was enjoyable and informative. Valerie, the B.C rep for Staedtler dropped by with some information about their new line of fine writing instruments (which include fountain pens!) and we got to see a couple of examples in ballpoint form---one made of plum wood and another made of glossy black resin. Impressive quality and design! Looking forward to seeing more Staedtler products on pen store shelves later this year...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We will be having our biannual Ink Exchange at our November 21st meeting, when we will be back at Perks pen store. Our November topic will be "The Pens You'd Never Sell", an older topic that Glenn C. suggested we bring back. Many thanks to all members for their participation, enthusiasm and theme/topic suggestions! Cheers, ~Maja

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