Monday, June 1, 2015

June meeting info!

Many thanks to all who attended the May meeting at Perks. I will post photos from it this week here on our website--sorry for the delay!
Now, here is the info regarding our June meeting.....

Date: Thursday June 18, 2015
Place: Perks pen store, 5844 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm ("early birds" welcome at 6:00pm, to chat before the meeting...but please don't show up earlier than 6:00pm :)
Theme: "Pen Maintenance 101" and Pen & Ink Swap!

Perks' resident pen repairperson extraordinaire Mark Harcourt will be giving a talk & doing a demo on pen maintenance at the June meeting, so if you are interested in learning how to clean out your fountain pens (modern and vintage) and keep them clog-free (as much as possible :) please come to the meeting and learn something new!

Also, we will be having our first-ever pen swap! This is completely voluntary, of course, but if you have some fountain pens you haven't been using and want to trade with other VPC members, please bring them with you. Ditto for any inks you want to trade. We usually do the ink swap twice a year (May and November) but we forgot to do it last month, so we'll have it in June. As always, Newest Acquisitions is our secondary topic, so if you have some new-pen related stuff you want to show, please bring it with you.

Oh, and we will be having our annual VPC Summer Dinner in either July or August, in place of a regular meeting. More info on that later this month....Hope to see you at our June meeting. No RSVPs required for meetings held at Perks!
Cheers, ~Maja

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