Thursday, June 18, 2015

Photos from May meeting

We had an interesting meeting last month, when our topic was Fountain Pen Sets. Twenty-one members (including new member Elina) showed up at Perks pen store on Cambie Street. Many thanks to all members who attended! Here are some photos of us and the pens we brought for the topic:

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A nice group shot taken by Richard, our meeting host at Perks. From front & center, going counter-clockwise we have Ben R., me (Maja), Mark, Greg, Kristina, Aaron, Bruce, Patti (back), Elina (front), Mido, Bethany, Bill M, Tony, Peter, Bob W and Stuart. Not pictured: Richard, Joe, James, Wai, Barry K.

Mido suggested that we reuse this old meeting theme, so he brought three nice fountain pen sets for us to see. This one is a Parker '45' set in pristine NOS (New Old Stock) condition:

Mido also brought along a nice Wearever 'Deluxe 100' set (bottom center) and a lovely Sheaffer 'Balance' set in Marine Green (bottom right):
(Photo above) Mark brought along a gorgeous Waterman CF set (bottom center) and a Parker desk set, which does fit the theme of "sets", but was the only example we saw that night. We'll have to bring back "Desk Sets" as a theme sometime, I guess!

This is a cool vintage Waterman set that Mark is showing. Note the cufflinks that came with the writing instruments!

One of our newer members, Bill Mugford, brought along a classic Parker '75' fountain pen set in stainless steel.

That Stuart's ever-growing collection of Sheaffer 'Lady Sheaffer' writing instruments above. They were introduced in the late 1950s and targeted at a female audience. Note the various finishes and designs.

I brought quite a few sets, but in my haste to photograph other pens, I forgot to snap a pic of my own. I took this shot of my lovely Parker '51 Demi' fountain pen set at home.

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