Friday, January 27, 2017

National Handwriting Day

Well, National Handwriting Day (which always falls on January 23rd) has come and gone, but I'm really glad I had the chance to put these two beauties to use on that occasion---a Sheaffer ballpoint desk set with a lovely onyx base, and a gorgeous Signum 'Nova' fountain pen in Cinnamon, both very recent acquisitions (~Click on images to enlarge~):

You don't need to use a fancy desk set or write with an expensive fountain pen; this Pelikan 'Style' fountain pen writes smoothly with a well-made steel nib and cost <$22 USD (and I love how the white trim complements the black pen body):

Many thanks to Pendemonium for the Sheaffer desk set, longtime Pentrace & Fountain Pen Network member "ArchiMark" for the Signum, and eBayer "thestationerystore" for the Pelikan!

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